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BurglarBomb Pepper Spray Home and Business Security Systems

Secure your home for less with our pepper spray security devices

Mace burglars and home invaders with BurglarBomb security systems. Formulated for indoor use, our OC pepper spray devices can secure a home or business in seconds, yet dissipate in about 4 hours leaving no traceable residue. Burglar alarm systems are not enough to assure your safety. Police cannot respond as fast as you need them. Burglarbomb pepper spray security systems deliver instant protection and give you THE POWER TO STOP THE CRIME.

The AB-2000 and Intercepter pepper spray devices can be installed in minutes to provide a level of protection unmatched by any home or office alarm system at any price! The Repulsar IV can handle multiple break in attempts! Our pepper spray anti burglary systems can increase your security to a level where you won’t care if the police never show up.

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